Gonzalo Urculo

Knowing where your fruits and vegetables are coming from, 100% ecological cultivation and a delivery directly to your front door without any intermediaries – Naranjas del Carmen makes it possible. Gonzalo Úrculo graduated in economies and later turned his passion for agriculture into his profession. The story began in 2010, when he founded together with his brother Gabriel Naranjas del Carmen. By combining agriculture with e-commerce, they are selling freshly picked oranges, mandarins and other seasonal fruits directly from their grandfather’s plantation in Valencia to households in 16 European countries. With the launch of CROWDFARMING, the next chapter was opened in December 2015. Now, their clients have the possibility to become farmers 2.0. In only four months they were able to plant almost 900 trees in the names of their customers and thereby make together with them an important contribution to the reduction of food waste. Additionally to this, Gonzalo Úrculo just recently co-founded GROW and HELP, whose mission is to support the cultivation of fruits and vegetables in gardens of private households using artificial intelligence.

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