Felipe Hernández

Hexagro Urban Farming Systems

A resilient, sustainable and autonomous farming for accessing healthy food locally

Groundless agriculture is a great way to grow clean food in urban areas but sometimes spaces are too small, maintenance may require too much time and be difficult for a non-experienced user. Could a product-service system design allow the maximization of profit and wealth creation satisfying unmet social needs as the access to healthy food?

Colombian-Costa Rican entrepreneur and Industrial Designer Felipe Hernández is finishing his master's degree studies at Politecnico di Milano in Italy but currently working in Germany. He developed Hexagro, an ambitious project that offers social benefits with a real business opportunity for its costumers. This project is based on biomimicry methodologies to address the problem of accessibility to healthy food and is a finalist of the Biomimicry Global Design Challenge 2015.

Felipe and his multi-disciplinary team are applying the latest technology and tendences in design as additive manufacturing and biomimicry-thinking to reach a social, economical and environmental solution towards global warming and a rising global polulation.

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