Alessandro Incisa

Your Drinks with a Splash of Robotics

Since ancient human history, people have always urge to to experiment, innovate and create – technology was one of the product of such instinct. At Makr Shakr we aim at studying the way in which technology can change the way people interacts in every day’s life. Makr Shakr was conceived as a social experiment that looks at how people might embrace the new possibilities offered by digital manufacturing. We consider it like a research platform on the so-called third industrial revolution and its consequences: an example of how digital technologies are changing the interaction between people and products. The system explores the new dynamics of social creation and consumption - ‘design, make and enjoy’ - allowing users to design their own cocktail creations, while digitally controlled machines transform these designs into reality. 

Alessandro graduated in Industrial Engineering (M.Sc. Honors) from the Politecnico di Torino and Project Management (M.Sc. Distinction) from Queensland University of Technology. He gained a fast-track experience working in China, Italy, and the Middle East, focusing in strategic, production and operational management areas. Alessandro’s professional passion pivots on the development and implementation of innovative technologies and the achievement of management and engineering excellence through the application of Lean principles. He is also actively involved in research, investigating the development of Lean Manufacturing across multiple sectors. Passionate about exploring the world, Alessandro has an incessant curiosity in gaining new knowledge. Since 2012, Alessandro has joined the universe of robotics as Makr Shakr Project Manager, developing new ways in which industrial machines can be applied to everyday life. His goal is to study and redefine the interaction between people and new technologies.

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