Abi Glencross

Diary of a Cell Farmer

Do we really know where our animal products come from? The mince in our meatballs? The lamb in our stew? Join cellular agriculture researcher Abi Aspen Glencross on a journey which will unearth the origins of animal agriculture and its impact on our world. Learn more about the cultured steak project and discover the true potential of creating food from cell culture, rather than animals, as we deconstruct meat and reconstruct it from scratch, one cell at a time...

Abi Glencross is a PhD student studying cellular agriculture in the Tissue Engineering & Biphotonics department at King’s College. Her specific research focuses on creating thick muscle tissue to produce a steak. Cellular Agriculture is an academic discipline that focuses on the farming of agricultural products from cells rather than plants or animals. Her thesis advisors are Lucy Di-Silvio's of King’s College, UK and Mark Post of Maastricht University, NL. Her research is funded by the US charity New Harvest which supports cellular agricultural projects around the world. Abi graduated with a MEng Chemical Engineering from the University of Bath in 2014. She now lives in London.

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