Time icon 08:30


Time icon 09:10
Peter Kruger

Peter Kruger - Founder & CEO - Startupbootcamp Food Tech


Artificial Intelligence Applications

Time icon 09:20
Guillermo Christen

Guillermo Christen - Co-Founder and CEO - Logameal

What I Learned From Looking at a Million Pictures of Food

Time icon 09:40
Nick Holzherr

Nick Holzherr - Founder & CEO - Whisk.com

Data-Driven Food Recommendations

Time icon 10:00
Florian Pinel

Florian Pinel - Lead Engineer - IBM Chef Watson

Can Computers Be Creative?

Time icon 10:20


Disrupting Food Production

Time icon 11:00

Panel: Urban Farming

Jonathan Lodge

Jonathan Lodge - CEO - City Farm Systems


Jens Thomas

Jens Thomas - Co-Founder - Farm Urban


Mark Horler

Mark Horler - UK Regional Manager - Association of Vertical Farming


Time icon 11:25
Peter Blezard

Peter Blezard - CEO - Azotic Technologies

The Greener Nitrogen Revolution

Time icon 11:45

Panel: Connecting Farmers

Kenny Ewan

Kenny Ewan - CEO - WeFarm


Gonzalo Urculo

Gonzalo Urculo - Co-Founder - Naranjas Del Carmen


Carolin Goethel

Carolin Goethel - Producer Coordinator - Food Assembly


Nigel Akehurst

Nigel Akehurst - Co-Founder - Farmerama


Time icon 12:10


Innovating Food

Fireside Chat: Hacking Food Waste

Marc Zornes

Marc Zornes - Founder - Winnow


Solveiga Pakstaite

Solveiga Pakstaite - Founder - Design By Sol


Trewin Restorick

Trewin Restorick - Founder & CEO - Hubbub UK


Time icon 13:35
Niccolo Manzoni

Niccolo Manzoni - Chief Investment Officer - Coller Capital

Food Tech: Why Now?

Time icon 13:55
Sandra Forstner

Sandra Forstner - Project Manager - BioZoon

Personalised Food for an Ageing Society

Time icon 14:15
Abi Glencross

Abi Glencross - PhD Candidate in Cellular Agriculture - King's College London

Diary of a Cell Farmer

Time icon 14:35


Robotics Applications

Time icon 15:15
Ian Hales

Ian Hales - Research Associate in 3D Machine Vision - Bristol Robotics Lab

3D Computer Vision Analysis for Plants & Livestock

Time icon 15:35
Jake Norman

Jake Norman - Innovation & Marketing Manager - OAL

How Will Robotics and Automation Change Food Processing?

Time icon 15:55
Alessandro Incisa

Alessandro Incisa - Project Manager - Makr Shakr

Your Drinks with a Splash of Robotics

Startup Showcase

Time icon 16:15
Nahuel Lavino

Nahuel Lavino - Co-Founder - Pycno

Precision Agriculture: Sensors & Big Data

Time icon 16:30
Felipe Hernández

Felipe Hernández - Founder - Hexagro

Biomimetic Design for Urban Farming

Time icon 16:45


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