The Future Food Institute is an eco-system built from individual lives and passions, revolving around creating a more equitable world through the natural connector of food. The Future Food Institute relies on the pillars of Entrepreneurship, Education and the Emiglia-Romagna Food Valley to create impact on culture, economy, society and the environment. Situated in one of the most influential agricultural and culinary regions in the world, the FFI expands from its headquarters in Bologna and satellite programs in Reggio-Emilia to include a global network of actors responsible for feeding and improving the world with each bite. The FFI consists of Lab facilities, Disruptive Innovation Events, Higher Education and Research. Labs (Officucina, for example) provide outlets for digital fabrication experimentation and explore intersections of tradition and innovation. The FFI organizes disruptive innovation events (hackathons, co-creation gatherings) focusing on how to confront worldwide food challenges through prototyping and design thinking. Educational programs (such as the Food Innovation Program) allow for students of all backgrounds to participate in expanding their knowledge of food and technology. In the research field, The Future Food Institute gathers data and best practices, then organises them as with our WikiExpo project. Together, the FFI empowers global change through food.

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