Paul Morley

Case Study: Deploying Scalable and Streamlined Solutions  

• How to save upwards of R4 million on your customized AI solutions  • Learn how to build in checks and balances to produce realistic metrics  • Smart data as the make or break of your solution  

Paul Morley, in his ownership role of Nedbank’s Enterprise Data Services, leading a team of world class data professionals, is responsible for delivering Nedbank’s regulatory commitments to the various regulatory bodies that govern the finance sector.

He is also principal in delivering Data Analytical Services to Nedbank’s business clusters. With partners and consumers of the Nedbank data enterprise, being, Retail, Corporate, Finance, Human Resources, Compliance, Forensic Services, Audit, Group Risk and Group Technology.

With almost 30 years of experience in IT and Data, with IBM and Nedbank. As well as having the privilege to participate in many international data “think tanks” and conversations, and has lead and delivered, over R3.5 Billion worth of enterprise solutions, ranging from South Africa to the Middle East and UK. He continues to participate in a number of coaching, “think tank” and speaking opportunities. Imparting his knowledge to other like-minded and passionate people.

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