Mactar Seck

Enhancing AI Adaption: Can Africa Leapfrog Ahead • A holistic look at international trends and developments in the field of artificial intelligence in Africa. Understanding how best to navigate these and the opportunities that exist for South Africa to leapfrog into the next stage of AI innovation.

Dr. Mactar Seck is an Economic Affairs Officer at UNECA since 2006. He holds a PhD degree in Telecommunication, Electronic systems and Multimedia Engineering. He has been involved in the telecommunication, ICT4D and STI field over the last 20 years, specializing in areas such as digital policy strategy and regulatory framework, internet governance issues, information infrastructure development, nanotechnology, Internet related research (IoT, Cloud services, artificial intelligence. etc.), integrated services digital networks including digital ID, digital economy, tax policy platforms, etc. He has brought to ECA a long working experience which He uses his day-to-day work to support African countries to use digital technologies as means of achieving the SDGs. He assisted several African countries to formulate, implement and evaluate policies and strategies in digital technologies/applications for achieving SDGs.

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