Houston Austin Muzamhindo

PANEL: Deriving Maximum ROI on Your AI Investment • Explore how best to determine early syncs and communication on key ROI considerations   • Unpack key metrics to measure true value of Enterprise AI ROI   • Understand how valuation and measurement models impact your organisation

Houston is a data scientist with 5 years of corporate experience. He is currently mandated to roll out Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence capabilities for Investec Private Bank in order to future proof the business and at the same time uncover growth opportunities. As someone who also runs a free educational platform with over 17 500 students and a strong believer in positive disruptions of technology, Houston runs educational initiatives within the bank to up-skill colleagues and executives from various departments to help them understand how to leverage ML/AI in their areas. He is also building an internal Insights Academy that is helping employees from different departments upskill and start analytics projects in their areas.

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