Girish Agarwal

AI Platform Development

While digital impact and adoption has become a norm in the industry, organizations are still facing challenges to have an effective transformation program identified and implemented. There are multiple reasons for this change adoption ranging from talent, culture, new ways of working, leadership, ecosystem considerations, etc. Another fundamental argument is if we need a Digital Strategy or should that be embedded within the Business Strategy in the first place. This talk will elucidate my experience from multiple companies on what aspects to keep in mind while working on the Digital Transformation journey.

Girish is currently managing global Digital & IT with a team comprising of Business Engagement, Architects, Analysts, Operations, external ecosystem and academia collaborations, VMP, PMO, Security & Compliance and Digital Innovation including Platform and Data Experts. He is also responsible for group's aggressive targets with organic and inorganic growth providing required support through Digital and IT as well as provide acceleration with Data Driven solutions and services for the customers.

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