Giovanni Leoni

Living the IKEA Culture and Values in the Digital Age - A Values Based Approach to Algorithmic & AI Ethics

Founded almost 80 years ago, IKEA has become the world largest home-furnishing retailer in the world, always led by its values. The values can be seen in the actions that are taken, the range offered and how IKEA strive to create a better everyday life for the many people. Being a values-led brand, we are guided by our values in a digital context and when making decisions around data and technology. One of the keys for success within Inter IKEA Group is the mindset and approach around values-based decision-making and focusing on creating a positive impact on people, the planet and society. Algorithmic and AI ethics therefore becomes a natural part of how we live IKEA culture and values in the digital age.

Geovanni is a cyberpunk evangelist for good, a happy rebel delivering value through driving change of processes, organisations and analytics for +20 years. His vision is a future where technology will be created and used with ethics in mind.

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