29 - 30 November 2022

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    Henrik Storksen Folleso

    Building Blocks for Scalable AI

    Henrik Storksen Folleso - Team Lead & Product Owner - Enterprise Machine Learning - Equinor

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    Building Blocks for Scalable AI Platforms

    Henrik is currently working with digitalisation at Equinor. Empowering SMEs to create value by implementing sophisticated Machine Learning platforms on the most challenging problems.

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    Girish Agarwal

    AI Platform Development

    Girish Agarwal - Chief Digital & Information Officer - Piab

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    AI Platform Development

    While digital impact and adoption has become a norm in the industry, organizations are still facing challenges to have an effective transformation program identified and implemented. There are multiple reasons for this change adoption ranging from talent, culture, new ways of working, leadership, ecosystem considerations, etc. Another fundamental argument is if we need a Digital Strategy or should that be embedded within the Business Strategy in the first place. This talk will elucidate my experience from multiple companies on what aspects to keep in mind while working on the Digital Transformation journey.

    Girish is currently managing global Digital & IT with a team comprising of Business Engagement, Architects, Analysts, Operations, external ecosystem and academia collaborations, VMP, PMO, Security & Compliance and Digital Innovation including Platform and Data Experts. He is also responsible for group's aggressive targets with organic and inorganic growth providing required support through Digital and IT as well as provide acceleration with Data Driven solutions and services for the customers.

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    Best Practices for Embedding AI Across the Industry

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    Jens Jakob Rasmussen

    AI Model Validation

    Jens Jakob Rasmussen - Head of AI and Provisioning Model Validation - Nordea

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    AI Model Validation

    Jens is currently the Head of Provisioning and AI Model Development at Nordea. Prior to this he was working as Head of Model Risk and Validation and Chief Quantative Analysis.

    He was educated Aarhus University, where he received a Master of Science.

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    Johannes Linden

    Practical Considerations for Deploying MLOps at Scale

    Johannes Linden - Senior Machine Learning Engineer - Bolagsverket

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    Practical Considerations for Developing MLOps at Scale

    Johannes studied for 5 years as a Civil Engineer and obtained both a bachelor's and a civil engineering degree. After the education, he continued to study as a PhD student in Big Data.

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    Self-Service AI: Transforming the Customer Experience

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    Jon Agustsson

    Changing the Sleep Health Paradigm with AI

    Jon Agustsson - VP AI & Data Reporting - Nox Medical

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    Changing the Sleep Health Paradigm with AI

    Sleep is one of the foundations for health. Sleep medicine is devoted to diagnosing and treating sleep disorders. A sleep study is a common diagnostic method where physiological signals including brain activity, cardiac activity, breathing, and blood oxygenation are recorded while the patient sleeps. The application of AI to analyze sleep studies is challenging due to low data availability, human experts often do not agree on the labelling, and low adoption rates of AI in healthcare. In the talk I will discuss how Nox Medical has overcome these challenges to become a leader in AI in sleep medicine.

    Experienced AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Research leader working in the medical device and medical research industry leading an interdisciplinary team in Data Science, Physics, Electrical Engineering, and Research. I have focused on metrology, the science of measurements, and data science. My career has spanned the measurements of the electrical properties of individual molecules, the development of novel technology to monitor pollution in water, to AI analyses for medical devices. Currently leading an interdisciplinary team of scientists working on AI, data science, and engineering to advance sleep medicine at Nox Research. Nox Research is a part of Nox Medical with a focus on supporting sleep researchers with the goal of improving sleep medicine in the future. Nox Research operates in many ways like an academic research group by publishing its findings in conferences and scientific journals, participating in large sleep research projects, applying for research funding with competitive grants, and teaching students. I am driven by an interest in technology and its applications to improve the world. This interest allows me to communicate across disciplines and collaborate with medical scientists, doctors, and other sleep researchers

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    Anna Fellander

    Ethical, Legal, Cultural Considerations When Building ML Profiles

    Anna Fellander - Advisory Board Member - Ethical AI Governance Group

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    Ethical, Legal, Cultural Consideration When Building ML Teams

    It was in 2016 that Anna realised artificial intelligence technology (AI) was becoming the new general-purpose technology: a technology that would drastically impact the economy, businesses, people and society at-large. At the same time, she noticed that AI was also causing a negative externality — a new type of digital pollution. Consumers have opted in to receive the benefit of digitalization, but are simultaneously facing a dark cloud of bias, discrimination and lost autonomy that businesses needed to be held accountable for. In the traditional environmental sustainability model, organisations are held accountable for physical negative externalities, such as air or water pollution, by outraged consumers and sanctions handed down by regulators. Yet no one was holding technology companies accountable for the negative externalities — the digital pollution — of their AI technology. Regulators have had difficulties interpreting AI in order to appropriately regulate it and customers didn’t understand how their data was being used in the black box of AI algorithms.

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    Giovanni Leoni

    Trustworthy AI

    Giovanni Leoni - Global Head of Algorithmic and AI Ethics - IKEA

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    Living the IKEA Culture and Values in the Digital Age - A Values Based Approach to Algorithmic & AI Ethics

    Founded almost 80 years ago, IKEA has become the world largest home-furnishing retailer in the world, always led by its values. The values can be seen in the actions that are taken, the range offered and how IKEA strive to create a better everyday life for the many people. Being a values-led brand, we are guided by our values in a digital context and when making decisions around data and technology. One of the keys for success within Inter IKEA Group is the mindset and approach around values-based decision-making and focusing on creating a positive impact on people, the planet and society. Algorithmic and AI ethics therefore becomes a natural part of how we live IKEA culture and values in the digital age.

    Geovanni is a cyberpunk evangelist for good, a happy rebel delivering value through driving change of processes, organisations and analytics for +20 years. His vision is a future where technology will be created and used with ethics in mind.

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    Olof Granberg

    Supporting AI in Enterprise: Best Practice & Lessons Learnt

    Olof Granberg - Director of Data & Advanced Analytics - ICA Gruppen

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    Supporting AI in Enterprise: Best Practise & Lessons Learned

    Olof's focus is to lead and drive development of architecture and solutions within Big Data and Analytics. When delivering solutions he implements solutions that work in production. He believes releasing solutions in an agile manner delivers value faster than performing POCs or building a quick-and-dirty solution.

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    Creating Personalised Customer Profiles

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    Manne Fagerlind

    Considerations for Building AI/ML Teams

    Manne Fagerlind - Technical Lead - Machine Learning - SEB

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    Lessons Learned During the MLOps Journey

    Training a great machine learning model isn’t enough – it isn’t useful until you deploy it. In this talk, the lead developer of SEB’s MLOps platform candidly shares how it was built, what worked well and less well, and how the shift to a cloud-based solution is changing things.

    Manne's experience includes backends for high traffic web sites in the gaming and media industries, telecom systems and IPTV. He's talked at several software development conferences and has often worked as a mentor and teacher. He has deep knowledge in Java, Test-driven development, Domain-driven design and server architecture and is fascinated by the new possibilities offered by Big data and machine learning algorithms.

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    PANEL: Implementing Robust AI Methodology at All Levels

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Nordics AI Summit

Nordics AI Summit

29 - 30 November 2022

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