Maria Vechtomova

Scaling up ML Models to Multiple Brands

At Ahold Delhaize, we have multiple brands in different countries and many of them want to have similar ML models running on their websites. We would like to show, how we create a system that allows us to deploy the same model for different brands, without reinventing the wheel.

The components we developed for reusability

  • Configurable central python package for each model
  • Cookiecutter template to create repositories with necessary components
  • Reusable pipelines to deploy models
  • Identical infrastructure& service user setups

Maria is a Senior Machine Learning Engineer at Ahold Delhaize. Maria is bridging the gap between data scientists infra and IT teams at different brands and focuses on standardization of machine learning operations across all the brands within Ahold Delhaize. During more than eight years in Data&Analytics, Maria tried herself in different roles, from data scientist to a machine learning engineer, was part of teams in various domains, and have built broad knowledge. Maria believes that a model only starts living when it is in production. For this reason, last six years, her focus was on the automation and standardization of processes related to machine learning.

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