Bongani Shongwe

Building recommendation systems for global e-commerce marketplaces

Adevinta is one of the world's leading online classified specialists with markets across 5 continents. A key feature to our online marketplaces, is tailoring product recommendations to the customer. When customers shop in online marketplaces, recommending the right complementary items can inspire them to make additional purchases. Until recently, we were only showing customers similar items to the one they searched for - which meant we were missing out on an opportunity. This talk will explain the steps and key engineering takeaways we went through to introduce complimentary item recommendations for Adevinta's marketplaces.

Bongani is a Senior Data Engineer at Adevinta Personalisation and Recommendation (PnR) team. As part of PnR, he is responsible for building infrastructure to bring user and product recommendations to Adevinta's global marketplaces. Bongani has a diverse background in engineering, starting off as a full stack java developer. To now a data engineer where he gets to mix his interests of large scale distributed systems and machine learning.

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