Mash Syed

Understanding Customers Through Cohort-Based Lookalike Modeling

How do you measure the incremental value of your customers? Is it possible to find pairs of customers who share similar behavioral attributes? How can we apply machine learning to help us find customers who are like one another?

Chipotle has millions of customers and a robust digital platform. Some customers are new to the brand while others are existing customers that are new to a offer or program. In this talk we will walk through a cohort based lookalike framework that can help us get closer to understanding our customers and how to measure their value to the enterprise.

Mash Syed is the Lead Data Scientist at Chipotle Mexican Grill where he partners closely with marketing, loyalty, food safety, and finance to uncover actionable insights around customer behavior, revenue forecasting, and channel growth, using internal and external data sources.

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