Julie Amundson

Why Your ML Infrastructure Team Needs ML practitioners

Have you ever built ML infrastructure that wasn't as popular as you'd hoped? In this talk we explore the practice of going beyond user empathy to feeling the pain of our users. This practice has helped to guide the development of Metaflow since 2017. Metaflow has grown to hundreds of projects within Netflix and dozens of companies since it was open sourced in 2019. David Berg, an engineer with Netflix's ML Platform will give you some practical tips on how to explore the ML infrastructure problem space through walking in the shoes of our users.

Julie leads the Machine Learning Infrastructure at Netflix, with the goal of scaling Data Science while increasing innovation. She previously built streaming infrastructure behind the "play" button while Netflix was transitioning from domestic DVD-by-mail service to international streaming service. Julie also co-founded Order of Magnitude Labs, with a mission to build AI capable of doing things that humans find easy and today’s machines find hard: exploration, communication, creativity and accomplishing long-range goals. Early in her career, Julie developed data processing software at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory that enabled scientists to study the newly-sequenced human genome.

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