Hamed Nazari

Implementing Neural Network Using Quantum Technologies

In this presentation, I am going to share with the audience what differentiates quantum computing from classical computation. Then I am going to walk the audience through a very popular framework for machine learning: Neural Network using IBM quantum SDK, QISKIT. In this presentation, I am going to build a quantum neural network to demonstrate how it learns from data and later use the model to predict the new data. For this experiment, we use a standard dataset that can be applied to any uses cases.

Hamed Nazari is a Principal Scientist at Comcast innovation Labs who is championing quantum computation and quantum physics across Comcast corporation. He is also well-versed in microcontroller design which spans both analog and digital circuits. He conducts research and collaborates with other teams to implement challenging problems in the intersection of AI and hardware. Hamed has contributed to developing many technologies that influence Comcast's future products. Through his tenure at Innovation Labs, he has been fortunate to work with the top-of-the-line AI researchers to implement end-to-end demonstrations of my works which have been publicized within Comcast.

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