Andres Asaravicius

From Startup To Unicorn: What We’ve Learned From Scaling Models In Production

Scaling machine learning is not an easy task but it’s even more challenging when your machine learning solution is at the core of your company, and you need to keep on pace with the hyper-growth of your business and the industries you serve. For Riskified, an eCommerce risk management platform founded in 2013, the rapid growth of eCommerce required equally rapid, exponential scaling of its machine learning models from day one. This talk will provide meaningful insight into the lessons learned while building and scaling our machine learning platform, models and processes.

Andres has been with Riskified for over 6 years; he leads a multidisciplinary team of experienced Data Scientists and Engineers. Over the years, he has led end-to-end research and has been a key player in building the data science infrastructure. Today, his team focuses on building state-of-the-art tools to early detect sophisticated fraud attacks that help Riskified to block millions of dollars a year of potential fraud. With a background in Statistics and Sociology, he aims to transform complex data into simple, clear, and practical knowledge. He is passionate about Machine Learning technologies, soccer and basketball.

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