Jekaterina Novikova

Language and Speech Processing: From Human-Robot Interaction to Alzheimer’s Prediction

Natural language and speech processing is a thriving area in AI that becomes more and more important nowadays. Almost everyone has been exposed in one way or another to the newest technology that employs natural language processing, was it a virtual assistant Siri, or a simple automated phone answering system. The range of possible applications able to create value from natural language processing is much broader, however, and may include such, from the first glance unrelated, areas as interaction with humanoid robots or detection of dementia. In this talk, Jekaterina Novikova, a Director of Machine Learning at Winterlight Labs, will discuss how AI researchers use natural language processing in these two fields.

Jekaterina Novikova is a Director of Machine Learning at Winterlight Labs. Winterlight Labs is a Toronto-based Canadian company that is developing a novel AI-based diagnostic platform that can objectively assess and monitor cognitive health. Jekaterina's work explores artificial intelligence in the context of language understanding, characterising speaker's cognitive, acoustic and linguistic state, as well as in the context of human-machine interaction. Jekaterina received a PhD in Computer Science in 2015 from the University of Bath, UK. More information on Jekaterina's research can be found at:

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