Billy Porter

Artificial intelligence is already affecting human behavior. People are worried about targeted advertising and social media addiction, but that's not what they should be worried about. Currently, AI is affecting how we think and driving society apart, both culturally and politically

Free speech versus hate speech: It's very hard to define. I might look at one thing and say "that's clearly sarcasm" whereas you might think it's very offensive. Since it is so hard to define, humans will naturally treat this definition by what's allowed to be posted online. AI models determine what's allowed to be posted online, and thus determine how we think.

But it doesn't end there - social media sites, search engines, etc - show you content you are more likely to engage with. When investigating news topics, you're likely to only encounter information that aligns with you politically as these AI models take advantage of confirmation bias.

Now, armed with this information that backs up your current opinion, you move to social media. On social media, the content you are more likely to engage with is information you disagree with (it feels like social media is only arguments these days).

This constant echo chamber and argumentation further drives us apart. The country is more divided than ever - not because of harmful rhetoric of politicians - but because of AI.

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