Travis Rice

Travis Rice leads the Multimedia and Immersive Technologies teams, a senior management role at University of New South Wales.

Driving concept development and future directions within the University multimedia environments, he is focused on the strategic delivery and support for Immersive, Multimedia and Emerging Technologies (Multimedia, Audio and Video technologies, VR, AR, 3D Printing, Robotics etc) across UNSW.

Travis has led deep tech development teams and cultural creative projects, spread across the USA, Australia, Canada and China - Developing encompassing and unique tech IP primarily focused on next generation video and Virtual technologies. During his work as a creative technologist, he has used artificial intelligence, machine learning and Virtual/Augmented/Immersive Reality as tools in the creation of niche digital frontier practices. Past projects have seen him creating, project leading and directing commercially viable new technologies that address key industry/ creative concerns across all areas of digital content, including Virtual and Augmented Reality, gaming, immersive media and online streaming with the intention of providing new interactive platforms that facilitates next generation media forms.

All of his creative and technology projects have required first principles design, quickly iterating, thinking laterally and moving fast; incorporating new technologies with ideas and concepts that have never been seen before.

I'm excited to be working in the front lines of technology at that incredible intersection of art and science.

“good design recedes”

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