Rita Arrigo

Presentation | Deep Learning in Computer Vision, and how it can create a range of societal benefits. This talk will share key details on examples on how deep learning in computer vision is providing many benefits to society, including more inclusive cities, reduction of waste, increase efficiencies in customer service and human labour, health in cancer detection and agriculture.


A digital strategist able to communicate complex technical ideas across the “IT divide” to non-geek stakeholders, now as Deputy Director of RMIT’s CIAIRI, and Digital Lead at Frazer-Nash she is focused on industry engagement, building capability in emerging technology like Autonomous Systems, Machine Learning (ML), Digital Twins, Computer Vision and Mixed Reality (MR). Previously at Microsoft as Chief Digital Advisor working to enable emerging technologies including Artificial Intelligence (AI), ML, MR & Digital Twin to sectors including transport, education, Smart Cities, Health, sustainable development and environmental stewardship. Rita has a Bachelor of Industrial Engineering and Computing from Monash University as well as Artificial Intelligence (Microsoft INSEAD AI Business School) and Design Thinking. She believes in lifelong learning, and an inclusive culture powered by data to drive new levels of human experiences.

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