Dr Shubha Bhat

Presentation | Supervised vs Unsupervised Learning - Advancements in learning techniques - Impact of learning models on industry applications


Dr Shubha Bhat is a Senior AI developer and AI lead at Lumachain Operations Pty Ltd with the headquarters located in Sydney. She is responsible for delivering solutions that help improve the quality, safety, efficiency, and traceability of the food. She develops systems that also focus on animal welfare and solve real-world problems in the food supply chain through AI.

Before joining Lumachain, she was an Associate professor and a researcher at DSCE, Bangalore, India. She completed her PhD in Computer Vision and Image processing from Visvesvaraya Technological University, India in the year 2016. She was a part of the Core Research team at DSCE, and the team was awarded ER&IPR research funding from the Govt. of India, in association with Defence R&D Organization, for carrying out her research in Aerial surveillance using unmanned air vehicles with deep learning and Computer Vision. She has several papers published in renowned journals and conferences. Prior to this, she worked for Philips Research and Atos Origin, Netherlands.

Recently, she was announced the finalist in the Women in AI Awards – Australia-New Zealand -2022 for the manufacturing sector among 160 applicants. She is also actively involved in collaborating with students from different Universities across the globe.

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