Dr Mahendra Samarawickrama

Ethics Quickfire: AI for Sustainability and Sustainability of AI - ESG frameworks for AI - Ethical use cases and ethical design - Supporting the SDG goals - Building the frameworks for use


Dr Mahendra Samarawickrama (GAICD, MBA, SMIEEE, ACS(CP)) is a senior leader in the AI and data science sector with rich experience across a wide range of people, cultures, technologies and governance. He is extremely passionate about empowering people, innovations, and creativity to enhance the businesses and customer experience. His experience spans across conceptualising, building and managing a variety of AI and data science teams, systems and processes. In the Australian Red Cross, he leads the AI and data-science strategy while building capabilities for social justice and sustainability with diversity, equity and inclusion in AI and data science by mobilising the power of humanity.

He is an author, inventor, mentor and regular speaker in various tech forums, conferences and events worldwide. He holds a PhD in computer science with double masters in business administration (MBA) and project management (MPM). He is skilled in machine learning, deep learning, statistics, big-data analytics and high-performance computing. He is a graduate of the AICD (GAICD), an ACS certified professional (CP), a senior member of IEEE (SMIEEE), an honorary visiting scholar at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) and an industry mentor in the UNSW business school. He also performs an advisory role in the Global AI Ethics Institute (GAIEI), International Group of Artificial Intelligence (IGOAI) and Digital for Social Good (D4SG) Hackathon.

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