Ken Goldberg

A Radically Hopeful Vision for Humans, Artificial Intelligence, and Robots

Should we believe headlines about AI and robots stealing jobs, replacing drivers, doctors, and lawyers. Is the Singularity coming? Are AI and Robots an existential threat to humans? "Automation Anxiety" has a long history, with widespread pronouncements about the imminent loss of jobs to Automation. In contrast to the science-fiction fearmongering around the "Singularity", I propose an inclusive alternative: "Complementarity," where AI and robots take on drudgery so that humans can focus on what we do best: creativity, intuition, empathy, and communication. I'll share results from my research in robotics and our recent global study suggesting how AI and robots could lead to a more productive and inclusive future for humans. The talk is presented in three parts: 1) What Isn’t New, 2) What Is New, and 3), How We Can Prepare.

Ken Goldberg is an artist, inventor, and roboticist. He is William S. Floyd Jr Distinguished Chair in Engineering at UC Berkeley and Chief Scientist at Ambidextrous Robotics. Ken is on the Editorial Board of the journal Science Robotics, served as Chair of the Industrial Engineering and Operations Research Department, and co-founded the IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering. Short documentary films he co-wrote were selected for Sundance and one was nominated for an Emmy Award. Ken and his students have published 300 peer-reviewed papers, 9 US patents, and created award-winning artworks featured in 70 exhibits worldwide.

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