Per Larsson

3D Image Production for Synthetic Data at IKEA

IKEA is in constant transformation as a retailer, meeting the customers wherever they want to be, in traditional stores as well as an omni-channel experiences where the goal is to reach more than 3 billion people. In 2021 the last IKEA catalogue was published, and with that an era of printed catalogues ended. IKEA has been and is at the fore-front of producing hyper-realistic computer graphics images of homes. Until recently, these images have been seen mainly as advertising material and not as data that could be used for other purposes. As a key component in the build-up of a data centric approach to AI, we are developing an imaging pipeline designed specifically for generating synthetic training and evaluation data for different AI and machine learning tasks. In this talk I will present a short history around 3D at IKEA, the asset library, the image production pipeline, and how we can use this to build synthetic training data in large scale for the whole IKEA.

Per Larsson is currently a AI Deep learning engineer in the Spatial Computing L at Inter IKEA. He has a background from Linköping University where he spent more than 13 years being a part of the buildup of the Computer Graphics and Image Processing group, and was responsible for the lab infrastructure including design and implementation of hardware and software solutions for computer graphics applications.

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