Nasir Uddin

Nasir Uddin' PhD is a Senior data scientist and AI/machine learning engineer with a multidisciplinary educational background who can combine research and business together.

He is good at programming in Python and R as well as working with various open sources AI frameworks and cloud computing platforms including Azure, Google cloud, AWS, IBM etc. He is also familiar with SQL, Javascript, Java, Swift as well as AI software/application development, data engineering and big data architecture within industry 4.0 concept.

Nasir worked at various agencies/enterprises/industries dealing with finance/banking, energy, infrastructure, real estate, environment, space/satellite, car manufacturing, Food-Pharma and process. He holds PhD in Genetics from Aarhus University in Denmark, MSc from Uppsala University in Sweden and vocational certificates in Software/Mobile Application Development from Nackademin in Sweden.

Nasir has a futurist mindset and clear vision of 'growth hacking’ with AI & Cognitive technologies.

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