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Meet the world's leading pioneers advancing deep learning research in the 'Silicon Valley of Deep Learning'.


Confirmed speakers from Track 1 listed below. See the Track 2 agenda here.

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“Today’s models can be trained on huge quantities of data, but that’s not enough,” says Bengio, who together with LeCun and Google’s Geoffrey Hinton is one of the original musketeers of deep learning. “We need to discover learning algorithms that can take better advantage of all this unlabeled data that’s sitting out there.”

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Yann LeCun once built an AI chip called ANNA. But he was 25 years ahead of his time. He and several other researchers designed this chip to run deep neural networks—complex mathematical systems that can learn tasks on their own by analyzing vast amounts of data—but ANNA never reached the mass market.

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There are some estimates that five percent of all AI talent within the private sector are currently employed by Google. Perhaps no one among that rich talent pool has as deep a set of perspectives as Geoff Hinton. He has been involved in AI research since the early 1970s, which means he got involved before the field was really defined.

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Researchers have developed a machine learning algorithm that can turn audio clips into realistic, lip-synced videos. A video shows former US president Barack Obama apparently speaking on a number of subjects including terrorism, though the clips were artificially generated using existing video addresses.

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Computer scientists from the University of Toronto have created a software program that helps users avoid fashion faux pas. Raquel Urtasun and Sanja Fidler, along with colleagues in Spain, designed an algorithm that analyzes a person’s photograph to determine whether the wearer’s outfit is stylish. It also suggests ways to improve the ensemble and the subject’s overall appeal.

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"A Deep and Autoregressive Approach for Topic Modeling of Multimodal Data". In this paper Hugo Larochelle explores how to successfully apply and extend DocNADE to multimodal data, such as simultaneous image classification and annotation.

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Why Attend

Extraordinary Speakers

Discover advances in deep learning algorithms and methods from the pioneers who are paving the way in research and scientific improvements. Learn from leading innovators in deep learning frameworks, neural networks, transfer learning, GPUs and more.

Discover Emerging Trends

The summit will explore the latest research findings in deep learning and the real world impact these may have. Where do the challenges still lie in research and application? Learn about the latest progress towards technological advancements from a global line-up of experts.

Expand Your Network

A unique opportunity to interact with academic leaders, influential technologists, data scientists & founders leading the deep learning revolution. Learn from & connect with 450+ academic industry innovators sharing best practices to advance the smart artificial intelligence revolution.

Who Should Attend

  • Data Scientists
  • Data Engineers
  • Machine Learning Scientists
  • CTOs
  • Founders
  • Director of Engineering
  • CEOs

Join the discussion

  • Silicon Valley of Deep Learning
  • 30 speakers
  • 400 leading technologists & innovators
  • Access to sessions in Track 2
  • Group brainstorming sessions
  • Interactive workshops
  • 7 + hours of networking
  • Access to all the filmed presentations
  • Discover technology shaping the future


View the summit brochure and all the information you need to convince your boss that attending the summit will help future-proof your business.

Topics We Cover

  • Neural Networks

    Neural Networks

  • NLP


  • Computer Vision

    Computer Vision

  • Pattern Recognition

    Pattern Recognition

  • Speech Recognition

    Speech Recognition

  • AI Assistants

    AI Assistants

  • Image Retrieval

    Image Retrieval

  • Autonomous Vehicles

    Autonomous Vehicles

Confirmed Attendees Include

  • Autodesk1
  • SAP
  • Honda
  • raptor
  • Shopify
  • Envision.AI
  • CBC Radio Canada
  • Universite de Montreal
  • Innodata
  • Microsoft
  • huawei
  • Zalando
  • Ericsson
  • Emdalo
  • Xpertsea
  • Thales



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This event is in the past. View upcoming events here. Or catch up on the Video Hub.


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What they say


Chief Knowledge Officer, NASA

"Excellent event. Good combination of highly technical and broader presentation that gave me a good understanding of the current state and potential of the Deep Learning" RE•WORK Deep Learning Summit San Fran 2015


Director of IoT Market Strategy, Xively

"'I’ve been to countless IoT events, and this was hands down one of the most interesting. It was nice to see actual people building actual connected products giving their perspective." RE•WORK IoT Summit Boston 2015


Future & Emerging Technologies Unit

"RE•WORK provided a unique mix of technology, from the exploration of latest scientific findings to startups that can make them a reality" RE•WORK Technology Summit London 2014

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23 January 2018, San Francisco

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Deep Learning Summit San Francisco

25 January 2018, San Francisco

The Deep Learning Summit is the next revolution in artificial intelligence. The increasingly popular branch of machine learning explores advances in methods such as image analysis, speech and pattern recognition, natural language processing, and neural network research. This summit will explore how deep learning algorithms and methods are being applied to solve challenges in industries including healthcare, manufacturing, transport, security and communications.


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