Stephen O'Farrell

BuzzWords - How Bumble does Multilingual Topic Modelling at Scale

With the abundance of free-form text data available nowadays, topic modelling has become a fundamental tool for understanding the key issues being discussed online. We found the state-of-the-art topic modelling libraries either too naive or too slow for the amount of data a company like Bumble deals with, so we decided to develop our own solution. BuzzWords runs entirely on GPU using BERT-based models - meaning it can perform topic modelling on multilingual datasets of millions of data points, giving us significantly faster training times when compared to other prominent topic modelling libraries

Stephen O’ Farrell is a machine learning scientist at Bumble, where, as a member of the Integrity & Safety team, he works to ensure user safety across all of Bumble’s platforms. His work generally deals with NLP and Computer Vision tasks - deploying deep learning models at scale across the organisation. He graduated with an MSc in Data Science and BSc in Computational Thinking, both from Maynooth University, Ireland

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