Krisztina Sinkovics

Semi-Supervised Object Detection for Agricultural Robotics

Producing more with less is a key challenge for the future of food production. Small Robot Company is reimagining farming to bring sustainability and profitability together. Our autonomous survey robots generate massive amounts of data from the fields. To make the most of this data we develop semi-supervised Deep Learning models that go beyond the typical focus on COCO and Pascal datasets. Our AI team is dedicated to sharing our research with the wider ML community. To this end we have released a public dataset on crop establishment and open-sourced a framework for semi-supervised object detection suited for any dataset.

Krisztina Sinkovics is AI Research Engineer at Small Robot Company. She has been working on ML and DL research and engineering for the past six years, tackling applications in a multitude of areas ranging from ultrasonic non-destructive testing and procurement optimization to per-plant farming and application of GANs in geophysics. She holds a degree in economics with a focus on statistical modelling. Her recent work combines robotics, computer vision and representation learning under semi-supervised and unsupervised settings

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