Varun Kohli

Deep Learning to detect Intrusion Attempts

Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence are one of the hottest topics in computer science today. Many problems deemed ""impossible"" only five years ago have now been solved by machine learning: playing GO, recognizing what is in an image, or translating languages. Join us as we lift the lid on popular network attacks of 2022 and dive deep into the world of deep learning to understand how models can detect them proactively.

Varun is a mountaineer and an engineer by heart, currently working as a machine learning engineer with Google and builds solutions to drive security insights for Alphabet entities. Along with his passion for high altitude mountain climbing, he is an avid machine learning developer, researcher and a public speaker. Google Crowdsource, Amdocs R&D, c0c0n, NASSCOM WWRT, Nullcon, and Nagarro DevOpsCon are to name a few.

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