Özlem Gürses

Insurtech and the Principles of Insurance Contract Law

Insurance law and practice have developed in parallel with the ways by which the insurance business has been conducted. Moreover, the ever-changing circumstances in which the subject matter insured may be in, inevitably shape how insurance contracts operate and how the principles of law are developed and adapted to respond to such variations. For instance, the duty of good faith applied since late seventeenth century because of the information asymmetry between the assured and insurer with regards to the risk and the subject matter insured. This asymmetry now appears to have been reversed that insurers have more information than they may need about the assured. Moreover, through telematics especially, they have more power than before to observe the risk throughout the currency of the policy. This talk will discuss if the general legal principles of insurance law have to change in parallel with the advances that the insurance industry has been experiencing in conducting their business?

Özlem Gürses is Professor of Commercial Law at King’s College London. She specialises in insurance and reinsurance law. Özlem is the author of Reinsuring Clauses (Informa), Marine Insurance Law (Routledge), Insurance of Commercial Risks (Sweet and Maxwell), and The Compulsory Motor Vehicle Insurance (Informa) as well as numerous articles published on insurance and reinsurance related topics. Özlem sits in the British Insurance Law Association Committee and the Presidential Council of the International Insurance Law Association (AIDA). She is Vice-Chair of the Reinsurance Working Party of AIDA. Özlem teaches insurance and reinsurance law at King’s College London and abroad, including National University of Singapore, University of Hamburg and World Maritime University, Malmö

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