Han Xiao

Unlock the Business Value of your Multimodal Data via Jina AI

Multimodal AI is a new type of AI that can take in data from multiple modalities (images, text, audio, etc.) and learn from it to make predictions. This makes it very powerful for applications like neural search and creative AI (DALLE and StableDiffusion). Multimodal AI also presents new challenges for engineering. In particular, it can be difficult to deploy and manage multimodal AI models and pipelines and make them scalable in production. This is where MLOps platforms come in. In this talk, we will discuss the benefits of using an MLOps platform for multimodal AI applications in production and help to unlock the business value of your multimodal data.

Dr. Han Xiao is the Founder & CEO of Jina AI, a commercial opensource company based in Berlin. Since its founding in 2020, Jina AI has raised $38M from top investors, including GGV, Cannan, YUNQI, SAP.io. Jina AI is one of the most promising AI startups globally according to CBInsights 2022, 2021 and Forbes DACH 2020. Before Jina AI, Han led a team on neural information retrieval at Tencent AI, laying down the next-gen search infrastructure. Han served as a board member at Linux Foundation AI in 2019, driving the opensource innovation and international collaboration. In 2014-18 Han worked at Zalando Research in Berlin as a Senior Research Scientist. Han received a Ph.D. (2014) and MSc. (2011) in computer science from the Technical University of Munich in Germany.

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