Bernhard Pflugfelder

Applying NLP in the Automotive domain and challenges involved.

Bernhard Pflugfelder has 10+ experience in the in the fields of information retrieval, natural language processing (NLP), Big Data and AI. He worked across various businesses such as Information Services, Media and Automotive in very different setups and roles with startups, IT consultancy and industry companies.

After entering the Automotive with the Volkswagen Data:Lab, he is now already working over 5 years in Automotive. Currently, he is leading a NLP group in the BMW Group IT.

Bernhard's skills are quite diverse and focusing both technological and methodological solutions. He collected experience with Big Data, Advanced Analytics and Data Science as well as NLP and AI. He enjoys new challenges and is eager to learn more.

The most favorite area of Bernhard is NLP. Current development and dynamics in research and industry on NLP like for example Conversational AI or Neural Language Models are amazing and inspiring. Bringing those new technological and methodological opportunities into businesses is an important task of Bernhard in BMW Group.

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