Alisson Machado

IT Specialist with over 9 years of experience in Linux Environments and Development.

Working with DevOps since 2014, where I deployed my first Docker Server in the Cloud to provide a Linux Shell for the students of the company I worked for and from there we created a system called BeavOps, written in Python, storing data in MongoDB, responsible for enroll all students and provide them with a Bash, an Apache Server, a Gitlab repository, and a Jenkins login to create their own DevOps Pipelines.

After that, I started doing consulting teaching how some Brazilian companies can create DevOps Pipelines and automate their processes using bash, python, jenkins, ansible, docker, openshift, kubernetes, puppets and public clouds like AWS.

In the midst of all these projects, I also worked with virtualization using RHEV (RedHat Enterprise Virtualization Manager) and oVirt (OpenVirtualization), attaching it to an ISCSI storage server like FreeNAS and OpenFiler. Implemented GlusterFS for replicating phone call recordings for a telemarketing company and many other projects.

I also managed the entire AWS infrastructure of a Startup, where we had Kubernetes clusters provisioned using Kops, initially monitored with DataDog, which was replaced by prometheus with cAdvisor, Grafana, ElasticSearch and Kibana to view the Logs and the APM that was installed together with the applications, in the same startup we created a report generation system using Kubernetes, Python, S3 and RedShift that optimized the generation of reports that took 22 hours to generate to 2 hours.

I also have a blog in Portuguese with over 2,500 views per month, where I write about some of the technologies I work on.

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