Aleksandra Kovachev

Dish Catalogue Optimisation: From Unstructured data to knowledge graph

Can you imagine the beauty of the data we work with at Delivery Hero? We hold knowledge of the world’s food culture in 74 countries, as of 2022 including Glovo! To extract the hidden knowledge that our data holds, we need to transform the free and unstructured data into a meaningful catalogue and taxonomy. In this talk we will show you how we use state-of-the-art machine learning models to provide structure, relationship and meaning to our products worldwide. We will also focus on the main challenges, learnings and solutions we applied tackling this complex task, not only from a data science point, but also from a product perspective. Making this data available to our stakeholders at hand we are able to facilitate dominance in innovation, quality and customer satisfaction in our business

Aleksandra did her PhD in the area of complex networks with the goal of knowledge extraction by combining multiple data sources and diverse algorithms. She has passion in bioinformatics and improving health trough food and nutrition data. Currently she works as ML Engineer for the global food delivery service, Delivery Hero.

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