Sean Lorenz

An Actually Smart Smart Home

Just because home products are connected, doesn't make them smart. Mainstream consumer adoption of connected home products will only happen when we begin aggregating data from different manufacturers, then use deep learning and artificial intelligence to turn that data into something useful. In this talk, Sean will discuss what protocol, aggregation, time series-based predictive analytics, and user experience changes are necessary to make smart home features like “monitor my health” or “lower my energy bill” a reality.

Sean Lorenz is Founder & CEO of Senter, a startup creating an IoT cognitive assistant for longer and healthier aging in place. Dr. Lorenz was recently the Director of IoT Market Strategy for LogMeIn’s IoT platform as well as cofounder of the TechStars robotics startup Neurala. He has shaped business models and product strategies in several emerging markets including IoT, robotics, artificial intelligence and healthcare. He holds a PhD in Cognitive & Neural Systems from Boston University and has extensive knowledge in digital health, natural language processing, brain-computer interfaces, adaptive systems, neuroscience-based computational algorithms, and context-aware computing.

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