Priya Vijayarajendran

Reinventing your Company with AI & Becoming a Cognitive Enterprise

A new era of business reinvention is dawning. The 'outside-in' digital transformation focus is giving way to the 'inside-out' potential of reshaped standard business architectures thanks to an unprecedented convergence of forces and exponential technologies, including AI. This framework has given birth to Cognitive Enterprises who are defining and pursuing a bold vision to realize new sources of value and restructure their industries, missions and business models. They are pairing AI with other exponential technologies such as automation, blockchain and IoT to redefine their business architectures and take full advantage of these new business capabilities. Hear how and where executives are focusing on becoming smarter businesses to take advantage of emerging technologies and capitalizing on vast amounts of data to reinvent process workflows to transform from within.

Priya Vijayarajendran is the CTO, Vice President for Applied AI at IBM Services. She is responsible for creating consumable AI solutions for enterprises. She is chartered to build and foster an engineering driven culture, creating end-to-end AI solutions from concept to consumption, by partnering with our clients, enabling and augmenting with IBM talent. Priya thrives being an Intrapreneur, building high performing scalable teams to achieve strategic deliverables, pioneering innovation with sound technology focus. She believes in humanizing enterprise software, with AI as a key enabler. She works with business executives on transforming, reimaging and creating highly viable business solutions.

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