Matthew Zeiler

Forevery: Deep Learning for Everyone!

Forevery is a free photo discovery app that takes you on a personalized journey through every memory saved on your camera roll. Using deep learning, our app automatically applies relevant tags for 11,000+ objects, ideas, themes, locations, and feelings to each picture so searching for every photo and rediscovering every memory is a snap! In addition to tagging, we build in the ability to teach the app custom concepts like your friends and family or your favorite sports team. Forevery learns what you care about most, auto-generating photo stories that make it easy to share with the people you care about most.

Clarifai was founded by Matt Zeiler, an U of Toronto and NYU alumnus who worked with several pioneers in neural networks, and Adam Berenzweig, who left Google after 10+ years where he worked on Goggles and visual search.

Matthew Zeiler, PhD, Founder and CEO of Clarifai Inc. studied machine learning and image recognition with several pioneers in the field of deep learning at University of Toronto and New York University. His insights into neural networks produced the top 5 results in the 2013 ImageNet classification competition. He founded Clarifai to push the limits of practical machine learning, which will power the next generation of intelligent applications and devices.

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