Mark Alexiuk

The Commercialization of Deep Learning

The world has not seen a more disruptive and powerful technology since the inception of the internet itself. Deep Learning is going to transform every single industry that it touches. At Sightline Innovation, our goal is to make this technology accessible to industry and immediately applicable without the need for data scientists or Phds. Sightline Innovation has designed a machine learning as a service platform designed to address problems facing industry today. We are at the forefront of commercializing machine learning applications on our unique technology platform, mlCortex (TM).

Mark is a graduate of the University of Manitoba electrical and computer engineering program with research completed at the National Research Council Institute for Biodiagnostics. He is an adjunct professor (physics, University of Winnipeg) with research interests in machine learning and exploratory data analysis. As Sightline CTO, Mark leads a growing team of engineers in the development of an integrated computer vision and machine learning platform called mlCortex. Mark’s commercial sector experience is in large scale projects on big data analytics, and computer vision & machine learning applications in the Healthcare sector.

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