James Crawford

Beyond Supply and Demand: Making The Invisible Hand Visible

We’ve been relying on the “invisible hand” to make our markets work since Adam Smith introduced the concept in 1759. Doesn’t it seem like we should have made some progress since then? Now, we have the ability to help make the invisible hand visible by uncovering unprecedented insights from the intricate details of satellite imagery. Providing examples of deforestation trends, oil reserves, and construction booms, this session will explore how the analysis of satellite images at massive scale can have a profound influence on world markets and help fill the missing links in global supply chains. Now we can see market data that matters in pictures of the real world. Finally, a visible hand.

James Crawford has two decades of experience leading innovative software projects: empowering farmers with climate data at the Climate Corporation, working to a commercial robot on the moon at Moon Express, making the world’s books searchable at Google, or managing robotics at NASA Ames Research Center. At Orbital, he’s using software expertise to create a whole new source of market data for all kinds of industries.

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