Charles Cadieu

Increasing Quality, Value and Access to Medical Imaging

How can we bring the life-saving benefits of medical imaging to more people? At BayLabs we are pursuing this mission by combining deep learning and ultrasound. Ultrasound, combined with deep learning, has the potential to transform medicine at the point-of-care. In this talk, I will present our work at MIT’s DiCarlo Lab that showed that this potential future may now be within grasp. I’ll conclude with one of BayLabs’ efforts to bring medical imaging, powered by our deep learning algorithms, to those most in need.

Charles Cadieu is Co-Founder and CEO of BayLabs. BayLabs’ mission is to increase quality, value and access to medical imaging with deep learning and ultrasound. Charles is an entrepreneur and neuroscientist who brings cutting-edge vision algorithms to market and seeks to increase our knowledge of the human visual system. His neuroscience work covers the full spectrum of visual processing, from low-level image representation through high-level object recognition. As an entrepreneur, he has started multiple companies and was an early member at IQ Engines (acquired by Yahoo! and now powering visual search at Flickr). Recently, he co-founded BayLabs to address high-impact problems in healthcare. He holds a BS/MEng from MIT in EECS, a PhD from UC Berkeley in Neuroscience, and is a Research Affiliate at MIT.

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