Viktor Taranenko

Layer Cake - AI in Food

Deep Learning demonstrates impressive results these days and NLP is definitely among the areas which can benefit significantly. Whisk redesigned their core engine for recipe understanding and product matching with Deep Bidirectional LSTM networks on top of TensorFlow library. This solution not only immediately outperformed previous methods with context-free grammars, but also it is way easier to maintain. The new system allows Whisk to operate on bigger scale of recipes with significantly reduced need for manual intervention and keep improving as Whisk expands it’s training set.

As CTO of, Viktor is now leading an agile team of 10 people following Lean practices when developing products. With extensive implementational and architectural experience with distributed technologies and compute engines, Viktor has been one of the technology leaders behind Whisk for 5 years. Recently he has been building a data science team who have been implementing modern Machine Learning approaches and techniques to scale parts of Whisk.

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