Ingmar Posner

Ingmar is an Associate Professor in Engineering Science at the University of Oxford specialising in applied machine learning solutions for robot perception and decision making. He is a long-standing member of the Mobile Robotics Group (now the Oxford Robotics Institute) where he leads research in machine perception and planning. His research is guided by his vision to create machines which constantly improve through use in their dedicated workspace by implicitly leveraging expert demonstrations in a manner entirely transparent to the user. Highlights of his work include state-of-the-art approaches to deep and shallow object detection, semantic segmentation, tracking and inverse reinforcement learning. Ingmar has coauthored over 40 research publications and is the recipient of a number of best paper awards at international robotics conferences such as ISER and ICAPS. He serves on the board of IJRR, the premier international robotics research journal and has repeatedly served as area chair and programme committee member for reputed conferences in robotics and machine learning. Recently Ingmar led a team to develop and demonstrate the first autonomous urban concept vehicle on a purpose built slow-speed racetrack at Shell’s Make the Future London event. In 2014 Ingmar also co-founded Oxbotica, a leading provider of mobile autonomy software solutions including the Selenium autonomy stack, which underpins a variety of public and commercial autonomous vehicle programmes such as the LUTZ and GATEWay projects in Milton Keynes and Greenwich. In 2015 Oxbotica was singled out by the Wall Street Journal as one of the top ten EMEA technology startups.

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