Alex Dalyac

Thanks to deep learning, AI algorithms can now surpass human performance in image classification. However, behind these results lie tens of thousands of man hours spent annotating images. This significantly prohibits commercial applications where cost and time to market are key. At Tractable, our solution centers on creating a feedback loop from learning algorithm to human, turning the latter into a “teacher” rather than a blind labeler. Dimensionality reduction, information retrieval and transfer learning are some of our core proprietary techniques. We will demonstrate a 15x labeling cost reduction on the expert task of estimating from images the cost to repair a damaged vehicle – an important application for the insurance industry.

Alex is Co-founder & CEO of Tractable, a young London-based startup bringing recent breakthroughs in AI to industry. Tractable's current focus is on automating visual recognition tasks. Its long term vision is to expand into natural language, robot control, and spread disruptive AI throughout industry. Tractable was founded in 2014 and is backed by $2M of venture capital from Silicon Valley investors, led by Zetta Venture Partners. Alex has a degree in econometrics & mathematical economics from the LSE, and a postgraduate degree in computer science from Imperial College London. Alex's experience within Deep Learning investing is on the receiving side, particularly on how to attract US venture capital into Europe as early as the seed stage.

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