Tom Charman

How are recommendations changing? Using machine learning to disrupt retail and advertising.

Is machine learning in forms such as k-means clustering changing the way that businesses make recommendations to people? How can we use these technologies to understand people better than previously thought, and make more specific, and tailored suggestions to customers? This presentation focuses on the importance of leveraging data, with the intention of training machines to learn about behavioural patterns, and make recommendations. We look at the accuracy of these recommendations, and how we can test the success of such machines and algorithms.

Tom aims to disrupt the consumer space of travel by harnessing machine learning and applying algorithms to the problem of personalisation. He gave a TEDx talk on the ‘Future of Technology’, and is a regularly hosted speaker by blue-chip companies, talking about AI and its impact on corporates. After being featured in international publications including the TATA Consultancy report and Success magazine, he’s focused on creating a seamless travel experience. He’s advised the UK government, reflected on proposed regulations on deep technology with the European Parliament and was recently named as one of the '20 young entrepreneurs to watch in 2017' by, and the ‘Future Face of Innovation and Technology’ by the Chamber of Commerce.

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