Ofri Ben Porat

Contextual understanding of photo galleries

The Retail industry has undergone significant changes over the past decade with the growth of mobile technology. Last year mobile became the method of choice for e-shoppers as 51% of online sales involved handheld devices rather than traditional computers or laptops, matched with a healthy 12.6% growth in online retail sales. Even so, for retails that cater to both online and in-store customers, the question becomes; how can they deliver a personal shopper experience in a digital world? If someone were to look through your photo gallery (that is unique and distinctively yours) they’d know more about you than from a simple conversation. They’d get an accurate depiction of your interests, tastes, and favored possessions. In my talk, I will discuss how using image recognition and understanding technology, retailers can – with the consumer’s consent – anonymously gain access to the data contained within image galleries and present the right content, products and services to their customers when most relevant, as well as how to get the most out of mobile commerce to satisfy their customers’ needs, before they even arise.

33 years old, with 10 years' experience in international project management, business development and digital marketing. Previously: Senior Strategic Advisor to the Minister of tourism of Israel for digital and OOH marketing. CEO at Bring-it.co.il | CMO at IU30.com BA in Conflict Resolution and Crisis Diplomacy from IDC, Hertzliya.

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