Alper Aydemir

Volumental is a Swedish computer vision company bringing 3D scanning and fitting solutions to footwear retailers around the world. In this talk, I’ll share our efforts in using deep learning in various parts of 3D scanning and product recommendation pipeline in footwear retail stores. Today, online footwear sales are still lagging behind. Customer concerns related to fit is the main reason for this. With 200+ deployments worldwide, we have learned that digitizing the fitting process by building an accurate, fast and user friendly product optimized for retail is the solution to bridge between the digital and physical worlds.

Alper Aydemir has a PhD in robotics and computer vision from Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm in 2013. He has previously worked as a researcher at NASA/JPL’s computer vision group and was one of the early team members of Google’s 3D scanning on mobile phone project, named Tango. Based on his research he has co-founded Volumental to bring the advancements in computer vision and machine learning to the market. His currently is CTO at Volumental.

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