Johannes Windus

Digital customers care about protection and want peace of mind, but they feel lost and confused when buying financial products. They are disappointed with the information displayed to them, do not trust banks and insurance companies, and dislike the lack of transparency and engagement in the process. SPIXII goes beyond just being a white-labelled digital agent that chats with your customers at every point of the services you provide. Customers enjoy their purchasing experience thanks to the simplicity, transparency and the seamless experience SPIXII provides. Thanks to behavioural science inputs, SPIXII chats in a personal way and adapts its conversational style to various customer affinities. SPIXII also helps companies to better understand their customers, by providing them with unprecedented insight into their lifestyles, risk attitudes and risk scores. This enables SPIXII to increase their lead capturing and conversion. SPIXII is applicable at all stages of the financial product value chain from distribution, mid-term adjustment, renewal and handling of small claims. SPIXII’s engines and generated insights are designed to help companies to have a better understanding of their customers.

Johannes Windus studied Insurance Business at the DHBW Karlsruhe. During his studies, he worked in sales management for an insurance company which distributes its products through local banks. Experiencing the struggle of customers with insurance first hand, Johannes decided to change the way insurance is perceived and communicated. A very welcomed chance to do this was by joining SPIXII. In charge of business development, Johannes manages the relationships with clients and partners, offering them insights into the world of digital agents and AI. With SPIXII he is now able to start designing and automating new digital customer experiences, bringing customers and insurance companies closer together. Making insurance more simple, accessible and personal than ever before!

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