Mohamed Sayed

Programmable Data: Plugging AI Into Your Business Flows

We are generating world record volumes of data every day. We have always generated data, but now we can capture and transmit much more of it. However our machines still do very little to help us understand this data.As things become connected, and human-computer interfaces are changed, we need our machines to understand our data and act on them appropriately.We introduce the novel concept of programmable data and show how Heuro Labs Cognitio transforms unstructured data to primitives that anyone can program to enact intelligent behavior. We will demo applications in industrial IoT, Automotive and Healthcare.

Heuro Labs is a Berlin, based startup that developed Cognitio, a cognitive intelligence framework offered as a service or on premise with special focus on ease of use, privacy, knowledge ownership. Supporting different modalities and data sources, the service enables enterprises to maximize the data value extraction while focusing on high level semantics.

Mohamed Sayed is a technologist with over 20 years of experience working at different layers of the software stack.Most recently he played an instrumental role in building large scale distributed systems at Nokia serving up to a billion users/day handling data of different modalities and velocities. Prior to that, he was at Yahoo! where he was responsible for high trafficked services delivered through thousands of servers in more than 10 global locations. He is the recipient of Nokia Impact Award '11 and Symantec Start award '04

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